Friday, June 25, 2010

Dog lover dress up-the funny dress up games for girls

Hey,girls do you like the cute dog which can make you much happy when you are boring about something,or just be unhappy someday,you can play with the little dog and then you will feel much happy to do that.sometimes you,when you are free,you can take them to go out for a you can take her to have a walk in the park then.

This chic girl is brazy about her dogs and she likes to walk with them in her favorite park,she has two lovely dogs and she wants to take them to the park and have a walk there,it is Sunday today,and it will be fun to go outside.

Now in the dress up games for girls,the cute girl want to have a walk with her best friends-the little lovely dog,to go for a walk in her favorite park,so you should help her prepare for a new walk in the park with one of her little friends by dressing her up as trendy as you can for a beautiful and sunny day,just od it right now.

Well,you can check her cook wardrobe and choose the right clothes for her now.and then you can also make her try on some fashion and beautiful clothes for the walk in the dress upgames for girls.

A new kind of hairstyle and pick up some pretty accessories for her are needed,at then end you can choose her lovely dogg with her to walk in the beautiful park then.

After that,you can have a look at the beautiful girl who are so pretty and cute,and you can do your best to help her then,just have fun from this funny dress up games for girls.
You can also follow this and dress up your beautiful dresses to go out for a walk in the park. have fun

Funny makeup,funny show of the games for girls

Have you joined a funny party that all the people there should wear strange clothes and also can take mask or make up with a funny face,now you can have the pure fun here,and the girl who is in the games for girls,is invited to a party and the theme is funny faces,please help her get a funny yet beautiful face with there cosmetics and painting so that she can stand out in this party .now you can play this funny games for girls now.

The cute girl are there,you can change the hairstyle for her,and then you can have a try which hairstyle will be best for her then,and then you can have a try that the funny design,and add it to her face,which will make her looks funny and cute,and all the partterns there are so wonderful,for it contains so many different kinds of designs which will make it full of is fun to play this kind of games for girls.

After that,you can also makeup for her,just make her much more pretty then,you can choose the right eyelash and the lipstick and then is the eye shadow,which will make her become much more pretty and then will give you the pure fun to do that.there are also other things that you can do,for example you can make up for her,choose the most wonderful eyebrow for her,and then the eyecolor,the rouge,

That's all,oh no,you can choose the dresses for her too,.just click the button of dress up,and choose the most wonderful dresses for her,and then you will have a look of the beautiful girl has changed and make herself to be the most wonderful girl in the end,and have a try,you will enjoy it and also do love this funny games for

Play the fashion shoes store,enjoy the girls games

Do you like the fashion shoes which can make a girl to be the most charming one?nowdays shoes are not just a tool for people,it is also be treat as a decoration for girls or boys ,which can make them to be much more comfortable and more beautiful,then you will see how interesting it is to wear a wonderful shoes,maybe you can just choose the shoes like that you are in the art shop,just have a look of them,which can give you the feeling of the beauty,you can take it home and wear them.Huh,you will have a different feeling when you try different kinds of you can play this fun shoes store girls games,from which you will enjoy it and have fun.

You can see a pretty girl there,she has a important date,so she needs a pair of beautiful shoes for her date and she decides to choose a pair of wonderful shoes from the shoes store,and now you should do your best to help her,for there are so many kinds of shoes there,you should do your best to choose the right one for her,and after that you can also match this pair of shoes with gorgeous hairstyle and dress in the girls games.

The shoes are moving there,you can use your mouse to click it and then you will see so many kinds of shoes there,and then you will have the chance to have a look of the fashion trends then in the funny games for girls.

And you can also do your best to make them to be the wonderful one,just try them on for the girl,and choose any one of them for the pretty girl there,who is preparing for her date.
Enjoy this funny girls games,maybe you can find out the right shoes that you want to own.and then you can also do your best to make them to be the most shining one.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tape Backup Drives and Tape Libraries

Although tape storage is one of the older ways to backup computer data, it remains one of the most popular and reliable ways to store data. Tape backup drives have come a long way since IBM developed the technology in the 1950's. Today's systems are a complex network of tape drives and tape libraries that store the data of the world's largest corporations.
Aside from reliability, the other factor that makes tape drives so successful is their scalability and low cost. Tape backup drive technology can range from well under $1,000 dollars for a simple system for a small business or well into the 100's of thousands of dollars for a large corporation.
As a business grows, tape libraries can expand to meet new data demands without a complete rebuild of the system. These tape libraries, are storage devices build to hold multiple tape drives. Some tape libraries are monstrous, with thousands of cataloged tapes containing barcodes to identify the data. Most businesses won't need tape libraries of this magnitude. The majority of tape libraries sold start with a mere 10 slot, 1 drive and the larger units can support 12 drives with the slot count exceeding 500 before expansion units are required. Many businesses with a plan to grow, start with 1 or 2 tape drives solutions and as many of the libraries are modular, the slot count can grow very easily.
How much storage size do you need?
For a small operation, a good rule of thumb is to choose a current model tape drive, invest in the media and over time move to a library, utilizing a similar tape drive or one that will be backward compatible. A good backup system will operate seamlessly without much maintenance.
Choosing a tape drive that fits your backup window
Ideally, the backup of your data should occur when the systems are not in operation. If your business closes during certain hours of the day, then you'll have fewer restrictions when it comes to choosing tape drives. However, if your business operates round the clock, you might want to implement a different strategy called "disk to disk to tape" where data is stored to a second disk and then recorded on tape drives, from the secondary storage while you continue to operate.
Consider the maintenance costs
While you'll buy a tape backup drive only once, you'll be buying tape for your tape drives on a regular basis. When shopping for tape drives and tape libraries, inquire about the cost of the media. A tape backup drive that is more expensive than its competitor may work out to be more cost effective over the long run if the cost of media is less expensive.When implementing a tape backup drive system, its best to consult with a professional who will learn about your current business needs and future plans and help you design the most cost effective and reliable system. Otherwise, you find yourself purchasing completely new equipment when it's time to grow or buying mismatched equipment. Vendors are often the best no-cost resources for quality consultation on tape drive architecture and can help you get a system in place that is cost effective, reliable, and perfectly suits your needs.

A Novices Experience-PHP5 & MySQL

As an 'internet Marketing' newbie I recently was forced to set up a server on my laptop so I could properly test web-sites written in php code. I am pretty much a html sort of guy and have come back around to the internet after an absence of five or six years, to find things have moved on, and that you need to be able to use this sort of stuff to do Internet marketing properly- article sights, pre made web-sites etc.
I was unable to open these 'pre-made' sights directly in Interent explorer and was only able to get a vague idea of what they looked like by opening them in Dreamweaver- which recognizes php code. I tried to open these sites in a web browser but was told I needed a local server. "How do I do that"? I asked.So, I had no way to see what the final product would look like until I put it on my 'proper' Internet server - not a very efficient way to do things if you want to change elements around.
After a bit of a hunt around on the Internet I discovered that I needed to set up a testing server on my own computer. It seemed the easy way to do this was to get Apache server , PHP, and my SQL database installed on my machine. As there were no e-books available on this. [Is that a Niche Market?] I took a trip to my local bookstore and came away with something I thought would do the job.There I was, filled with excitement and new ideas that this would all be nice and easy. But of course, it wasn't. My first problem was that the book told me to get Apache 1.3. But I could only find only find an Apache two download.
A search for 'Apache 1.3 download 'gives the following 'official' site -but you have to look closely to find the 'ARCHIVE' file! Which is where the 1.3 versions live. Apparently The PHP people don't think their software works as well on the Apache2 software- probably still being ironed out- but I wanted to do what the book says. Find 1.3 versions here:

PostgreSQL Database in cPanel

This article will explain you on how to manage MySQL or PostgreSQL database in cPanel. After logging into cPanel you will find the MySQL or PostgreSQL icons. CPanel screen lets you to create or work with those types of databases. CPanel uses a similar interface for both types of databases, that’s why most of the web host offers MySQL.
On the MySQL/PostgreSQL cpanel screen you will see four main sections as shown in the figure below. The very first section lets you to create and work with the database. Below that there is another section which allows you to create database users that will be able to access the databases. Next section is to setup remote access to your databases only if your web host allows. At last there is a hyperlink given to phpMyAdmin or phpPgAdmin, the web interfaces for advanced work with your databases.
MySQL PostgreSQL Database cPane
lHow to create a database?
Its not so hard to create database, but there are few things you will need to know. The first thing you are gonna need to create database is the last item in database section. Just write the name of the database into the Db: field and simply click on Add Db button. The database of the name will be created. There will be slightly difference in actual database name you have chosen. It will be created with your cPanel username and with an underscore added before the name you chosen. For example: domain_database1.
How to create a database user?
To use a created database you need atleast one user into the database. For creating a new user simply type a username and password in the “users:” section and click on Add User. A new user will be created immediately. The database username will look like this “domain_robin“.
Now, how to add a user to the database?
Now you have to associate the above created user with the database. Now, if you check out the above Add Db field it has a set of drop-down lists. The first field allows you to select a user that you have created and in second field you have to select the database that you want to associate with that user. Now just click on Add User to Db and its done. Also, you can add a single user to multiple databases if you wish to.Once you have associated a user with the database you will notice that the listing for that database get more detailed. It will show you the database name followed by some links to delete or repair the database and then you will be able to see all the users in the database. Also, it will show you some sample code that shows you how to connect to the database in PHP, Perl or JDBC script.
How to remove or repair a database?Just next to the username there is a button called Delete, but this can be confusing as deleting a user from a database will only remove the user and all the records the user had in that database. It will not affect the actual user you created, it will still work in other databases. As well as there is Check button given to check database for problems, and if it has any errors just click on Repair. And still if that doesn’t work then you must contact your web host.

manage workforce-Time & Attendance tools

Time & attendance tools are the indispensable tools when you have a work force to manage or when you have flexible time around shifts. The attendance requesters to control time recording as a way of data collection around the time and attendance of the workforce is an ancient concept. In case you need to ensure that you are paying your employees as per the actual time and attendance then you should either have those high end softwares that would give you a detailed report of the time & attendance of your work force or you could have those access control systems employed.
To choose from the time & attendance tool and the access control system, you need to consider two things primarily. The first is the luxury of budget that you have and secondly the kind of workforce or the strength of work force that you have. In case you have a huge work force then there is no argument, you would need to go for the access control. As this would not only take care of the time recording and data collection but would at the same time restrict any unauthorized entrance in your work building. This is relatively expensive and is employed by people who have either a large number of people working for them or where in security is the primary concern.
On the other hand there are any time and attendance tools. These would help your data collection around time recording when you have flexible time shifts. The only thing that this tool would not do is restrict unauthorized access to your work building like the access control. As no matter whichever tool you would be using for time & attendance data collection, the employee would have to be at the work place to do so. In case of the access control, when the employee shows his ID, he is marked present and the time is noted. This has its own benefits but then the budget is a major player here.